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Individual Psychic Reading
$190 for 45 minutes
Done by phone or via Zoom


Discover your past lifetimes
Meet your guardian angels
Insight on family & love life
Career guidance
Predictions about your future
* Mediumship is not included

$50 for 10 minutes
Done by phone or via Zoom

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Budget-friendly and convenient. Perfect for those who have one or two questions. Ideal for time-sensitive and urgent matters

Pet Session
$95 for 30 minutes
Done by phone or via Zoom

Gain intuitive insight about your pets and their overall well-being. Receive psychic advice on behavioral issues and learn how to strengthen your spiritual bond with your animals. Please note, Andy does not assist in finding lost pets or connecting with ones who have passed. These sessions are conducted via phone or Zoom.

"Heaven on Earth" Gallery Reading
(Receiving messages from deceased loved ones)


For a chance to connect with departed loved ones, please visit the events page. Andy does not offer mediumship in his private sessions.

Consulting & Tech Services
Prices vary
E-mail Andy's office for more information

After 15 years of experience as a business owner and 25 years of experience with various software systems, Andy is here if you need help with the following:


Starting a business

Publishing a book

Creating a podcast

Social media

E-mail marketing

Audio editing

Video creation

Website design

Feel-good video created by Andy

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