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To schedule an appointment, please call a member of Andy Myers' team today.

The story of your soul! It's like a mini-book written just for you!

A Soul Discovery session is a psychic reading in written form. Gain insights on:
Love life

Spirit guides
Past lifetimes
Soul purposes
Future events

No appointment necessary! While meditating on your behalf, Andy will consult with your spirit guides and access your soul chart. After meditating, he'll type up what he saw and learned. You'll receive this write-up via email.

$111 for 2 efficient pages of eye-opening insights.

$222 for 5 thorough pages of information.

$333 for 10 whole pages of life-changing enlightenment

To schedule your Soul Discovery, email or call Andy's office.

Uncover a treasure trove of detailed information about your past lifetimes. Slip back into history as Andy relays specific descriptions of who you were, where you lived, and how those lifetimes affect you in the present. You'll be astonished to see how past lifetimes can explain your current strengths, fears, interests, profession, and personality. Find out why you have a fascination with certain locations and historical events. Perhaps, you were there!

Perfect for small groups of friends or family get-togethers. These sessions make for a wildly entertaining evening! Discover how you and your loved ones were connected in past lifetimes. You'll be shocked to hear how past life dynamics can explain your current relationship to certain individuals. You'll feel like you've traveled back in history as Andy walks the entire group through a maze of multiple lifetimes. From one life to another, love never ends. It merely changes forms.

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