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Andy Myers is a nationally acclaimed psychic medium, inspirational speaker, and the best-selling author of multiple award-winning books. Andy's latest book, The Sky Diaries: A True Story of Reincarnation, is causing a buzz nationwide. It was released on January 11th and instantly became a #1 best-seller in three categories. He has been featured on morning radio shows nationwide and conducts sold-out lectures in cities around the country.    

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a #1 best-seller in 3 categories!

The Sky Diaries:
A True Story of Reincarnation

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Tip Sheet for Interviews

Q: What makes The Sky Diaries unique among other books?

A: It's a love story unlike any other - a 100% true story of one family's journey through multiple lifetimes, leading to tangible evidence of angels, miracles, and reincarnation.

Q: Who would this book appeal to, and why would people find it relevant?

A: The book offers undeniable evidence addressing the most profound question in human history: Is there life after death? Therefore, it would appeal to people of all ages and walks of life.

Q: What is one thing readers will be shocked to learn after reading this book?

A: One mind-blowing truth they'll learn is that children are notorious for recalling memories of their past lifetimes. The implications are nothing short of astonishing, and this is especially apparent when children reincarnate back into the same family tree!

Q: Is that your daughter on the front cover of the book?

A: Yes, that's a real picture of my daughter, Sky. The title of the book is a play on words. On so many levels, the book is about her, because Sky ended up being the key that helped my family unlock the whole story of who we used to be, and how we were connected in past lifetimes.  


Q: How did you discover that you were psychic, and how is that related to the story in the book?

A: A lifelong series of remarkable synchronicities (and a near death experience) led me to become a professional psychic medium. It was fate and destiny to an extent I've never experienced before.

Q: How long did it take you to write this book? And is it fiction or non-fiction? 

A: The book is non-fiction. It's a completely true story. Between writing and editing, it took around five years to complete. But since the story is linked with a past lifetime in the mid-1800s, I joke that it's been over 150 years in the making.

Q: What formats does the book come in, and where can people find it?
A: When it goes on pre-sale this fall, The Sky Diaries will be available in various e-book formats as well as paperback. People can purchase a copy on Amazon or through my website.

Q: How long have you been writing books, and how long have you been a psychic medium?

A: Including The Sky Diaries, I've published four books. I've loved writing since I was a young child. I used to be a social worker, but have been a full-time psychic medium for twelve years now.

Q: What are some of the themes of your book? What genre does it fall into?
A: It's part love story, part memoir, part parenting guide (how we've raised a daughter in a family where the paranormal has become quite normal indeed.) The book has plenty of metaphysical undertones but is balanced out with a great deal of humor. It's a feel-good story for sure.



She traced her finger from left to right across the page, looking closely at each name and date. Suddenly, she noticed two familiar names. “Holy shit,” she whispered under her breath. The entire family tree began with Henry and Sarah Cloud.

She batted her eyelashes, trying to keep a tear from falling onto the paper in her hands. All the pieces were fitting together now. It was surreal. She was looking at tangible evidence that our guardian angels were real people. Back in the 1800s, Kenzie and I were best friends with her great, great, great grandparents, Henry and Sarah Cloud.

Kenzie thought back to the part of the regression where the hypnotherapist asked what her name was in the 1800s. Kenzie recalled her response, and used her cell phone to look online for Sioux words that were similar. The Sioux language is a complicated Rubik’s Cube of dialects and variations. Her ancestors were Yankton Sioux and had migrated from Canada once upon a time. They primarily spoke Dakota, and that was at least a starting point for her internet search.

She scrolled through one list after another, looking for a Dakota word or name that was similar to what she mumbled during her past life regression. When she finally saw it, she gasped and nearly dropped her phone. What really floored Kenzie was the English translation. It was a word of great importance to us both. With hands trembling, she steadied her fingers and immediately began texting me. “Oh my God.” she whispered to herself. “Oh my God . . .”

“The baby must take after you,” Kenzie joked while patting me on the hand.

Suddenly, the technician informed us she’d finally spotted what she was looking for. “Are you guys ready to know what you’re having?”

I looked deep into Kenzie’s light-brown eyes. For a split second, I felt disconnected from the present moment, as though I was having an out of body experience.

A movie reel of highlights flashed through my mind at lightning speed. I mentally relived moments from the past, including images of the cold February day when I first met Kenzie. I recalled introducing her to Sarah, and the sound of the glass votive exploding while I spoke of Kenzie’s future daughter.

I thought back to our first kiss and the moment she whispered I love you in my ear as we made love for the first time. I recalled lying in bed with Kenzie at the beach house in North Carolina, where we settled on the name Sky for our future daughter. I flashed back to Kenzie’s past life regression and the morning I saw Henry and Sarah Cloud in Kenzie’s family tree. I traveled back to the planetarium in Kansas City, the star map, and the engagement ring.

I thought of the miscarriage, the tears, the pain, the prayers, the joy, the laughter, the promises we’d made to one another. I thought of the text at the end of my book, and wondered if it were true. Could it possibly be? I wondered if the Universe was listening when I spoke. Are fairy tales real or do they only take place in books and movies?

As I focused my attention back to the ultrasound technician, I could hear my own heartbeat reverberating in my ears. It pounded fast and hard, reminding me of Native American drums at a pow wow. It was an echo that resonated from Kenzie’s distant ancestors directly into my soul. I squeezed Kenzie’s hand a little tighter and held my breath, for I knew the next few seconds would profoundly change the rest of our lives.

Sky doesn’t belong to me. She belongs to the Universe, to a Higher Power, to the nebulous and indefinable energy that connects us all. We might share a last name, but in the grand scheme of the cosmos, I am merely leasing her. I am borrowing her from the Universe for a brief moment in history. I am the fortunate recipient of a gift so special, a soul so precious that no single individual can claim ownership.

Maybe I wasn’t discovering these truths. Perhaps I was simply remembering them . . . remembering that we belong to one another, not as pieces of property, not as possessions, and not even as mothers and sons, fathers and daughters. We humans only belong to each other in a grander sense of the word; in a sense that we choose to be together, fluttering in and out of each other’s lives, voluntarily crossing paths, promising nothing but a unique and painfully brief intersection – a juncture where we overlap at just the right place and time to have some shared experiences; just long enough to remember what it feels like to love and to be loved in return.

Book Details

Title: The Sky Diaries: A True Story of Reincarnation

Author: Andy Myers

#1 best-seller in 3 categories:
Angels/Spirit Guides
Native American

$19.99 paperback

$3.99 e-book

Number of pages: 372


Publication date:

 January 11, 2022.

Book synopsis: The Sky Diaries is the remarkable true story of guardian angels, reincarnation, and one family's journey through multiple lifetimes. It's a tale unlike anything you've heard before - a saga filled with otherworldly synchronicity, signs from the afterlife, and a child so precious her fate was written in the stars. What if life after death is only the beginning? What if we come back to one another time and time again? What if a child's past life memories hold the key to unlock the truth about reincarnation? As you'll see, a family's love never ends. From one life to the next, it merely changes forms.

Formats available: Paperback and various e-book formats.

Available on: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle, Apple Books, various e-readers.

Territories sold: U.S.A.



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